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Try this - it looks more complicated than it is, try it out once and you'll see it's not too bad:

1. Go to the youtube, select the video you want.
2. Click on Share.
3. Click on Embed.
4. Tick the box next to "Enable privacy-enhanced mode [?]"
5. Copy the code that's shown in the box above.
6. Go back to DH, click on Reply on the thread where you wanna post the video.
7. Paste the code you just copied on youtube into that thread.
8. Click on Preview.
9. When in preview mode, you should see the video in the usual youtube window. In the top right-hand corner, you'll see a Share button - click on it.
10. A new window will open, click on Embed.
11. Make sure the box for Use old embed code [?] is ticked.
12. Copy the old embed code that now shows up in the box. Close window.
13. Paste old embed code into thread.
14. Click on Post.