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has any one ever don this, i have a fiesta 1,8 diesol car, the engine has only 70,000kl on clock, my geny is a 9kw 230ac , at 1,500 rpm, looks quite simple but we are never to old to ask, so i take of the brake calipa and disc, then a flang to bolt on and a short pto, or have a short shaft turned down with a thread inside, take of the hub nut and conect the shaft??, use a spider flexi coupling, any advice on this, im of grid sola sistem, my geny engine is nacked, i was at a farm and they had just killed a big pig, one guy drove an old reno 4 up were the tables were jacked it up and put a long shaft ont the hub and conected it to a big mincing machine, thats what made me think of this blog, peter.

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