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help ! I got1992 buick lots of black smoketried sea foam and still smoking

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Black smoke means it's running too rich. Too much fuel. Which can be caused by a bad MAP / MAF sensor, dripping fuel injector(s), ruptured fuel pressure regulator, bad O2 sensor, etc.

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could be bad,or worn out rings in the motor too.

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need rings while you have it apart have the put in new rod and main bearings

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prob time to junk it.

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Quote from jessicabraymer:
need rings while you have it apart have the put in new rod and main bearings

The older buicks which had the 2.5/2.8/3.1s arent worth the rebuild. Because then you talk cylinder honing or boring. Crank polish and bearing resize. And thats saying the wrist pins and rods are in good shape. Itd be cheaper to get a different v6 and call it a day.

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We used the buick 3.8 v6 in a local sedan model from 1988-2004, so we're pretty familiar with that motor here. Basically at around 130,000 miles they're a boat anchor. Piece of crap engine, it's only merit was good power in the early 90s for a shopping trolley sedan, but that was all cubic inches.

Being so many of these boat anchors laying around dismantlers yards we actually started an open wheeler class of racing using it, Formula-3800. You had to change out the bottom end for a race spec balanced one, all the pistons and everything, and even the race spec version for track work...the tolerances and balancing isn't as qualitive as the standard everyday specs for any model Mercedes roadcar on the market in the same year.
The stock engine, is just so lax in quality control, so badly slapped together at the factory, it's like an engineer built a motor then someone came along with a sledgehammer and just went to town on it.

Really, piece of crap engine.