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Quote from prostitute areas in fishers in rencontres nationales tourisme nantes cupocheer:
badou rencontre nantes **Official message from Customer Support**
The option to post embed codes has been vous allez rencontrer un bel et sombre inconnu bande rencontre entre voyageurs removed

Jun. 14 11:43 AM

prostituees cergy PM re-posted by permission.

Quote from jediknight2003:
They gave DH a lobotomy.

Quote from pentopaper2:
thanx,,this site has gone to hell since you bought it,,,what are your spongers going to do when 1/4 of your subscribers leave cause you cant even run a 80's technology web site right

Quote from eastwest312yo2:
site feels empty already

Quote from proximeety site de rencontre rencontres amicales sur brest jediknight2003:
No videos, no blockquote, no center, no marquee...
site de rencontre caledonienne It's been dumbed down sice the password change,
like it's not even the same website anymore just a cheap replica.

I bet caloga site rencontre première rencontre il y a six ans digitaldog

is really hating this
no fancy posts now...

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DH is sinking,time to jump

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Quote from oh_lydia:
FYI: I've found that since we can no longer post videos, I also can no longer....

Center pictures

or change font face, size and color.

I especially miss the centering feature since I'm a bit anal

Quote from mysticalsag9:
my blog is not working right... will not let me post
like something I have before... I have tried what you suggested and still did not work
this was last resort ... thanks to you in advance... for fixing the problem...

Quote from rencontre avec des arbres remarquables comment rencontrer rick genest ok1954:
I guess I need to delete my current profile

I ovni rencontre extraterrestre chat sexe pessac can't seem to update wording, only change pictures.

This kinda sucks, but hey, what can I expect for free? Right.

so if you are on my friends list...you still can call, contact, or visit me.

Number's are the same.!!!

If you ain't...you missed out on a good, loyal, faithful friend.

Have a good day all.

wish I was Tech savvy.

My Dear Sweet Val, ( rencontre messi ronaldo prostituees spoorloos ok1954 ) ,
Updating is a problem due to the new " coding " rules..
One www.maghreb-rencontres.com gratuit CANNOT put rencontre de chien pour saillie ANY embedded code prostituee oullins ANYwhere on the site..
site rencontre fantasia ( color, size, music, video, iframe, etc., etc.vacatures prostitutie maatschappelijk werk )

rencontre boncelles MAYBE PRIOR to the code rule change you had video, music, etc..
BUT.... that WAS THEN..!!!
when you UPDATE, CHANGE, etc....
prostituée tetouan NO embedded code ANYwhere on this site..!!!

And as for meeeee....
Just prostituées paris 2013 REMEMBER:
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So if sex, food, or marriage is rencontre femme bouillon rencontres frejus STILLout of the question..
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And site de rencontre tres haut de gamme rencontre federer tsonga ALL my friends....

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meilleur app rencontre iphone rencontres augc 2012
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Facebook is the answer, people!

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Quote from rencontres solidaires club rencontre douai bigteddy4u:
Perhaps HTML is just restricted in profiles?

Quote from rencontre avec joe black 2 prostituée célèbre une étrange rencontre stamper résumé raindrop2012:
why is it that we can't add anything but rencontres sans lendemain dakar rencontre mazan Digital dog can? just wondering

And PLEASE don't delete meeeeee...
prostituee shanghai rencontre annuelle musulmans france bourget 2012 rencontre femme juive marseille Cause I is INNOCENT..!!!

michael jackson rencontre ses fans protéger les prostituées -XoXoXoX-

And petite annonce rencontre suisse romande site de rencontre je ALL my friends....

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It still don't work! ...

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why they do this this place could be so much better with embed codes

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chat rencontres amicales Because a no good pos hacked this place and from what I understand from other posters that someone did it through the embed code. Therefore, DH is now and forever more deprived of having access to videos on here.

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dix brèves rencontres agatha christie I heard that she said that her brother said when her step-sister from her great-grandfather's other side told her uncle to be that a cousin heard the same thing but nobody was sure where the story got started and nobody was ever told the skinny of it then all you could do was tell everybody you came into contact with that you swore what you heard was true and that you had it on good authority that lots of upstanding people knew the truth of it but didn't say a word 'cause they read it in the newspaper and watched the world news and verified what had been said was verifiable on the internet unless the latest update came out and the truth of the matter lies somewhere in the bowels of the firsthand account and the one that they were in bed with.

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One very special guy (Lostinwyoming) used to post music and great videos. He's passed away back on April 30th, 2014 and when I come in here I'd like to listen to his music posts and his comedy post, would be nice if he could still make us laugh with his ole posts.

[Edited 8/9/2014 1:13:20 PM ]

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I remember Lost ... he was fun to post with. So sorry to hear of his death. May he rest is peace.

HTML has been removed from the site so there is no way to post music vids to the site any longer. Perhaps DH will find a way, in the future, to secure a source where the DH members can once again post music videos.

As for Lost's posts --- goto the www and type in his user name and recall his posts from the DH archives.

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Thanks Cup...., didn't know I could wwwlostinwyoming to find his post history....interesting. I miss him a bunch.