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Man this is one awesome truck for both city and country.

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If you can afford the 50 to 60k price tag. The cost of yire replacement. AND fuel costs.

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People pay attention to fuel prices?

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11/16 mpg...yea sure its perfect alright..lets support more gas station why don't we. only live once..hell why not take out the cat from it and disable egr, more power.

Its perfect for the closest gas station alright

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You might not think so when your insurance bill, truck payment, and fuel bill, all came due in the same month.

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At 1.9% on my new truck (14 f150 xlt) i pay 650 a month. 200 for insurance on all cars. And the fuel bill for that truck alone is over 200 a month. And that is just one a 42k dollar truck. And it does what the raptor can on pavement. So why spend the extra 20?

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That's a lot of money for a truck... Unless you're getting one for the sole purpose of playing in sand dunes or trails I wouldn't bother.

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The price was fine for me. I wanted a clean cruiser that i could tow my show cars in style. But the raptor was a novelty idea. I can spend less and still build my truck up to the same level. And the raptors still didnt do well out in the dunes. The frame issues wrrent adressed