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Quote from stang6:
You dont need to show aggression just firmness have you ever noticed the bump under the bottom jaw near the the chin. that is a pressure spot and doesnt need to be hit hard but jental as you would a small child and little more each time to let him know your not backing down. you are haveing a stand off with him. when bumping that spot push up till he moves back. if he pauses then step back and let him think of that - see if his lips move back and forth

You can't spell worth a damn, but I like the way you think.

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Quote from hahajones:
One time I bit my mom and she immediately bit me back and said "hurts don't it?" and I cried and cried. It pretty much ruined my 26th birthday party...


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Pelipa, early on in this thread says what I have been reading mostly about, primarily the 'language' of the horse, and I found it very interesting.

Sorry the horse is now dead, but I was following the thread with all it's views on the subject.

I had an incident on a horse farm in Pennsylvania, the horse spooked, and that was it for me. Done. No injury, but I freaked.

Just wanted to say it was an interesting thread, sorry to see the conversation had stopped.

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I had a rescue Appaloosa nag with a biting problems as well. After tons of useless advice from respectable trainers, an old cowboy told me to get a sack of carrots, treat the nag over a few days time. Then get a (carrot size) branch or 1/2 inch pvc pipe, color it orange keep in back pocket while working in round pen. When he/she starts to biting & misbehaving firmly nose just above the nose holes(just hard enough to get full attn.) My nag stopped biting after bout 10 days. If ya get negative reactions water balloons filled with warm water. Try breaking balloon between eyes & ears while standing beside or sitting on them. The water balloon works very well if he/she turns to bite you while riding.
Good Luck!
Hope this helps, & happy-trails!


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When he goes to bite you ,just grab his upper lip and put it between his ears. Stops that every time. He will go to backing up pretty quick.

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Many years ago had a problem with a young gelded Arabian horse of mine,a forgotten issue,remembered solved the problem.The problem was when riding he would rear up into the air,causing me to fall off.Then he just stand there and look at me,like "OK,Lets go."-later realized his bit was to small and it was hurting his mouth.And that was how he handled the pain.Up graded to a bigger bit and solved the problem.He was still growing.Many problems can have a simple solution,we just have to look at the obvious and reason through the why's of the bad actions.Horses in general are loving animals.And can be a best friend.

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Wow, Just wow.

I can't believe how many people suggested biting the horse.

Seriously? 1,000-1,200 pounds of giant horse mouth with giant teeth coming at you with 100% intent on biting you. Really, and people are suggesting putting their face towards the horse. LAME. On a good note, I did hear they have perfected full face transplants.

Put the horse down and move on. Its for the best.

There are soooooooooo many more deserving horses that need your time and energy.
and your (and anyone else near the horse) safety is at risk.

If I read all this correctly, I think the horse was put down.

I'm sorry, I have had some horse losses myself recently and I know its not easy. But you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and move forward.

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The best way to make friends with a one eyed horse is to itch his eye socket. One eyed horses will melt when you gently scratch it. To get there, you will need to spend time earning his trust. You could try working him from a good ranch horse with a leather shoulder pad to get his halter on him.

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Don't you mean "scratch", Pal?

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So what's the verdict on the horse? I scrolled back & do not see where it was put down...just that she was going to call the owner & IF they didn't want him he would be put down...Was he put down for sure or what?

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remember what a wet horse smells like

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Quote from crazyredneckkid:
we did but we cant even halter him anymore its so bad!

Call Smith and Wesson..they are good for horses like him...

Get rid of him before he harms someone really bad..Its not worth your time..

There are too many deserving horses out there..who can use and would want your love and compassion.

If he is not cured as a colt...I dont think your going to getter done..as an adult

lest you tie him to a tree..and beat the hell out of him..like some guys i know would do with a killer like that..That will take some of the vinegar out of him..

they did that to a horse that killed a man..

he was fine after the beating..and several days left out in the boonies tied to a tree.


But myself..I would not do that..I would put him down..My life is worth more than his..and Im not going to allow an outlaw horse to rob me of my quality of life.

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That horse could bit off your ear...arm...nose....and on women..they always bite the boobs..

Hes not worth the chance..

Let the Japanese make dinner out of him..They love horse meat

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When a horse bites its because he is trying to force dominance upon you. You have to take that dominance back. I suggest a quirt or some type of whip. Every time he even thinks of biting you pop him with it and blow up make a big deal of it. The second he backs off you back off. When he figures out that you will release you're aggression when he quits biting then he will be trained not to bite. Biting is not a habit for a horse. It is a natural way of establishing a pecking order in the herd. You have to be dominant at all times. Any other questions feel free to ask.